Safety Films

Damage to your business’s glass windows and doors from a break-in or vandalism can be costly. Be proactive about your building’s security by supplementing it with commercial window film from 3 Delta window films. Using the highest quality materials available, we create a barrier on your windows that will be tough for a potential burglar to break. 3Delta’s goal is to help you DEFEND your property. DELAY a would be intruder, to give you time to get to safety or allow extra time for help to arrive. Ultimately, DETER an intruder all together.

keeping people and property safe is the priority of 3 Delta window films.

Like an invisible shield, safety films offer protection from broken glass caused by accidents, vandalism, and mother nature. When ordinary annealed glass breaks, it poses considerable danger. The shattered pieces can become daggers that can cause serious injury. Engineered with powerful adhesives, these safety films reduce the hazard of broken glass by helping keep the pieces together during breakage. Whether the threat comes from graffiti taggers, smash-and-grab thieves, explosions, or severe storms, the consequences to people and property can range from costly to deadly. Help protect all your precious resources, both human and financial with safety window film.